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Musician Mark McGee is unwavering in his commitment to creating authentic, original music.

Inspired songwriting, tasteful guitars and melodic vocals forge an intense, thematic and recognizable sound.

His unique musical vision creates a style that continues to win over loyal followers. Carving out a path driven solely by artistic choices, his dedication to the craft is admired. From decades of albums and world tours he's acknowledged by peers and influential to musicians around the globe.

His ongoing legacy with Nicole Sutton and LUVPLANET and a diverse past as lead/slide guitarist for Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame's 'Gregg Allman' and heavy metals 'Vicious Rumors', has garnered respect in the music world. ​


As a singer and student of legendary vocal coach 'Judy Davis', he delivers soulful ballads to high energy rock'n'roll.


As a songwriter he is diverse and refined, flowing into places that make genre seem irrelevant.


As a producer and arranger he sees the full picture and maximizes the potential of the song and the artist.


As a session musician he delivers passionate performances filled with fire and longevity complimenting the music.

He's appeared on movie soundtracks and recordings by artists such as Mickey Thomas (Jefferson Starship),

Stuart Hamm (Joe Satriani, Steve Vai) and Brad Gillis (Night Ranger).


As a live artist he raises the bar with exciting, powerful and passionate performances. He has shared the stage or performed shows with artists such as Paul Stanley(Kiss), Styx, Allman Brothers Band, Journey, Cyndi Lauper, Metallica, Paul DiAnno (Iron Maiden), Joan Jett, Joe Satriani, B52's, Ted Nugent, Cyndi Lauper, Bad Company and many more.


As a guitar instructor he teaches working professionals as well as complete beginners. With special insight and patience he gives guidance and inspiration while providing a clear understanding of music.


Time shows him to be true to form, never to be stuck in a musical box.

Mark says "For all the reasons one might pursue a life in music, if it's out of luv for the art, then you can't lose.

To not do it, would be to not feel alive!"

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