As a lifelong musician with decades of albums and world tours behind him, Mark McGee has gained many loyal followers and remains influential to musicians across the globe. Carving a path inspired solely by artistic choices his dedication to the craft is admired. He's been recognized by peers and many consider him to be one of the great guitarists on the planet!

Perhaps most known for his tasteful guitar skills, his intense, unique style blends melodic themes and heartfelt signature shred. With legendary recordings to his credit, he's respected in the music world and is unwavering in a commitment to authenticity.

As a natural born singer who was accepted to study with legendary vocal coach 'Judy Davis'  he delivers a wide range from soulful mellow ballads to high energy rocknroll.

As a songwriter he is diverse and refined, flowing into places where genre seems comfortably irrelevant.

As a Producer he envisions the full picture, remains in the moment and brings out the highest potential in the artist.

For many years he has given back to the music community as a Guitar instructor sharing his knowledge and insight. With great patience he provides guidance and a clear understanding of music for his students.


Time has shown him to be true to form and always looking forward.

He says "there are many reasons why one might pursue a life in music but if you do it because you luv it, then you can't lose.

To not do it, would be to not feel alive!"