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With ‘Luvplanet’ Mark enjoys the full freedom to write and perform music that comes straight from the heart with no rules!

Founded with Singer/Songwriter and wife Nicole Sutton, their chemistry is undeniable! Since 2003 they've been creating timeless, modern day original rocknroll! With many influences and an appreciation for all styles, a colorful array of sound and emotion seamlessly finds its way into their music. Their creative process comes straight from the ether as spontaneous, inspired moments take on a life of their own and materialize into classic Luvplanet songs. The natural elements brought to the mix, makes their music unique and instantly recognizable! Filled with lush harmony vocals, optimistic lyrics and Mark’s tasteful guitar acrobatics, the outcome is an exciting and heartfelt musical ride!


With the release of 6 full length albums, their most recent 'Something Good' is an impressive 20 song 2 disc set! With the anticipated release of their first live album expected in Dec 2022, they are also currently planning the songs for their 7th studio album to be released in Summer of 2023!

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"Luvplanet" Videos

"Luvplanet"  Videos