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1984 - 1985
Now live 1985

In late 1983, Mark left the ranks of his band Overdrive to form a new music group.

Now was a natural progression from the straight up hard rock sounds of Overdrive! Following a nine month period of woodshedding and songwriting he felt ready to dive into the process of building the band. As the founder and primary songwriter, he expanded his style with songs that presented more depth with an added progressive element into the music with a more empowered lyrical approach.


He began collaborating with good friend and Bassist Devin Lacey and together they forged ahead to build the unit! They soon recruited Singer/Keyboardist Rob Bonstin and Overdrive drummer Mark Pena. Devin came up with the band name and everyone really liked the positive attitude of it. The band performed constantly in venues throughout the S.F. Bay Area supporting national acts as well as headlining their own shows. There was an invigorated passion happening!  Sadly there is no known live performance video footage of the band!


Many demos were recorded but no official recordings were released. Working with engineers such as Jeffry Holt at Likewise Studios was a highlight! Songs like 'Meeting You', 'Hard To Say', 'Lonely Is The Spirit' and ''Light Years Away' were memorable favorites. Sadly there is no known live footage of the band. And although it was short-lived, it was absolutely an integral chapter in his musical timeline allowing growth and a more expansive perspective. 

Years later, Rob Bonstin would be pivotal in the making of Luvplanet's 'Lucky One' and 'Virtual Life' music videos!

Rob Bonstin - Vocals/Keyboards
Mark McGee - Vocals/Guitars
Devin Lacey - Bass
Mark Pena - Drums
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